About the Club

Newport Math Club is an extracurricular activity at Newport High School in the Bellevue School District, Bellevue, Washington. Our club meets weekly to practice, and we also attend many math competitions in the greater Seattle area and beyond.

The address of Newport High School is as follows: 4333 Factoria Blvd. SE Bellevue, WA 98006. Click here to learn how to contact our club officers or the webmaster.

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide a positive environment to develop mathematical skills while improving problem solving techniques and accuracy in an enjoyable manner. Through working in individual and group settings, we strive to prepare our members to be stronger math students and competitors. We want to encourage working well as a team while also excelling as an individual.


Our curriculum goes beyond what is covered in district math classes and is meant to complement and not just repeat what is learned in class. For this reason, members are strongly encouraged to take math classes all four years of high school and challenge themselves by taking Advanced Placement classes such as AP Calculus and AP Statistics. Members are also encouraged to meet with their teachers during tutorial after school to reinforce concepts they learned in class. Since we build on knowledge gained in high school-level math classes, it is critical that members make sure they understand basic math concepts that they have been taught.

Communication & Attendance

Our club strongly values communication between our officers and our members. If you have any suggestions for the officers, please let them know. All members need to register with the secretary upon joining the club to ensure that they receive the latest information and that they can be registered for competitions that they sign up to attend. Attendance will also be taken at meetings, so be sure to attend as many meetings and competitions as possible. Members are expected to make Math Club one of their top priorities, so attendance at all events is strongly encouraged, as well as necessary to improve math skills for competitions in a group environment. Members are also encouraged to bring friends to the club meetings.


During the 2008-2009 school year, our club received permission from the Student Senate and from the school administration to award varsity letters to members who show outstanding dedication and performance in Math Club. We have developed a detailed lettering criteria for members to follow if they are interested in earning this award. Getting this approved was a major step in getting word out about our club and rewarding members for representing our school in a positive manner in the community. Varsity letters are awarded each year at the end-of-the-year banquet.


Our bylaws govern the club activities and provide basic structure to its operations. Our current bylaws were written and last ratified by the club officers and advisor on March 23, 2012.