Club Achievements

Team Awards

Math is Cool Championships Fall Classic Math is Cool Masters
Math is Cool Championships 2008
1st Place 9/10 Team 1B
Fall Classic 2008
5th Place 9/10 Team
Math is Cool Masters 2009
3rd Place 9/10 Team

CompetitionPlaceDivisionAward Description
Fall Classic2nd11/12Fall Classic Team Award
Mu Alpha Theta2nd MAO Sweepstakes Award
Mu Alpha Theta5thAllRelays Team Test.
Mu Alpha Theta4thMuGemini Team Test
Northwest Math Championship3rd Place9/10Steven Kim better get his butt kicked for not getting his team 1st.
Northwest Math Championship4th Place11/12The chumps at blaine made a mistake.
Northwest Math Championship1st Place11/12It was predicted.
Math is Cool Championships2nd1aRibbons and Plaque
Math is Cool Championships5th1aRibbons and Plaque
Interlake Invitational Math Contest (I2MC)2ndPuzzle RoundCandy

Individual Awards

CompetitionPlaceDivisionAward Description
Mu Alpha Theta4thMuSequences and Series
Mu Alpha Theta6thAlphaTrigonometry
Mu Alpha Theta4thMuMental Mu/Alpha
Mu Alpha Theta4thMuNumber Theory
Mu Alpha Theta3rdMuStatistics
Mu Alpha Theta1stMuIndividual Test
Mu Alpha Theta8thAlphaComplex Numbers
Mu Alpha Theta6thMuCiphering
Mu Alpha Theta2ndAlphaCiphering
Mu Alpha Theta2ndMuPi a la mode
Mu Alpha Theta17thMuCiphering
Mu Alpha Theta3rd AlphaLogs & Exponents
Mu Alpha Theta3rdAlphaIndividual Test
Mu Alpha Theta1stAlphaEquations & Inequalities
Mu Alpha Theta9thAlphaEquations & Inequalities
Mu Alpha Theta5thMuProbability
Mu Alpha Theta5thThetaLogs & Exponents
Mu Alpha Theta5thAlphaApplications
Mu Alpha Theta10thMuLimits & Derivatives
Mu Alpha Theta8thThetaEquations & Inequalities