2009-10 Varsity letter awards

Lettering Criteria

Students may be eligible to receive a varsity letter in Math Club by demonstrating substantial achievement in the majority of the following areas, as determined by the club officers and advisor:

  • Member attends and actively participates in club meetings
  • Member attends and competes in math competitions
  • Member represents Newport in a positive manner while attending contests
  • Member shows consistent dedication to the club
  • Member exhibits strong teamwork skills, demonstrating the ability to succeed both as an individual and as a member of his/her team
  • Member spends time outside of club meetings practicing and reviewing what he/she has learned
  • Member shows improvement throughout the year
  • Member demonstrates an interest and enthusiasm for learning and/or teaching math
  • Member is a senior who has actively participated in Math Club for all four years of high school
  • Member earns a high number of “pi points,” as determined by the club officers near the end of the year

Club members will not be able to earn a letter without hard work; only the most devoted members will be eligible to letter.

Pi Points serve as a guide for lettering, though they are not the exclusive way to earn a letter. The point system is structured to include participation, dedication, and learning, not simply winning.

 The points can be earned using the following point values:

Attend a Competition6
Become a Member5
Bring a Friend5
Win an Individual Award at a Competition5
Win a Team Award at a Competition4
Win Individual Recognition at a Competition3
Give a Presentation to the Club3
Submit a Winning Sweatshirt Design3
Submit a Sweatshirt Design2
Bring Snacks to a Meeting or Competition2
Win Team Recognition at a Competition2
Attend a Club Meeting2
Wear Club Sweatshirt to a Competition1
Share a Solution with the Club1
Helped With Club Activities1
Complete Extra Practice1
Complete a Practice Worksheet1

Note: Newport Math Club officers reserve the right to change these point values at any time.